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Dine South 2019 off to a good start

In the first few weeks since its launch in late July, over 9,000 Dine South 2019 Passports have been handed out to diners on the south coast.The promotion was launched on July 29th and runs until November 20, 2019.

Renewable energy cap will be increased, says Mottley

Prime Minister Mia Mottley says the so-called cap, or maximum, capacity for renewable energy sales to the local power utility will be increased in due course as Barbados moves on with its plan to become less dependent of fossil fuel energy.

Holder: Asycuda World will allow closer monitoring

Now that the basic Asycuda World software has been implemented by the customs department, it will be expanded to automate every other section of customs now covered in the original launch of the system, says Owen Holder, the new Comptroller of Customs.

Sea port to waive charges due to "disruptive" new software, says Tannis

The Barbados Port will be waiving port storage fees on a case-by-case basis going back to Aug 24 where such fees have been occasioned by the Asycuda World software transition, BCCI President Trisha Tannis said on Tuesday.

Sutherland: Gov't looking at credit unions' options post-CarIFS

The Barbados Government is looking for an alternative platform to CarIFS, focussing on how it can assist the credit union movement with an ICT solution for customer payments.

In UK, Barbados wins ‘Favourite Cruise Destination’ award for 2019

Barbados, which is working to rebuild its cruise ship business after a period of decline, received a boost in the UK market recently with the award of ‘Favourite Cruise Destination’, at the 2019 Cruise International’s British Cruise Awards.

FTC says it can't tell banks what to charge

The ongoing complaints about what some critics have called excessive fees charged by the commercial banks operating in Barbados has led to a response from the Fair Trading Commission.

Mottley: Region on "front line" of climate change effects

"All of us who are continuously being affected, have to recognise that this doesn’t happen out of the blue.”

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