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Pity the poor consumer

The average consumer in Barbados spends just over 60 percent of his or her wages or salary on just three categories: food and drink; housing and utilities; and transport, says the Central Bank of Barbados.

Sagicor’s CEO seems on track to earn US$30m in six years

In addition to the base salary of US$700,000 per year and the one-time lump sum cash payment of equal to US$1.35 million, Mr. Miller would this year also be able to earn an annual incentive bonus payable in cash of up to 1.91 times his base salary of US$700,000, or just over US$1.3 million.
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Cash and debit cards still rule

Debit card usage grew in 2018, with almost ten million transactions totalling $1.2 Billion dollars.
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Rock Hard rocks Arawak

‍In a full page ad taken out in the Weekend Nation of Aug. 9, the TCL Group, parent company of Arawak Cement Co. Ltd. in Barbados, said it disagreed with the ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice on the rate to be charged on cement imported from outside the region.
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‍Running out of guppies

The phrase I like is “modest lending opportunities” because it might suggest to an outsider that the banks can’t find anybody to whom they might lend the money they have taken in on deposit. At one-tenth of one percent.
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The fault line: development vs. preservation

Now that the government is doing everything it can to attract investment, especially in our tired hotel plant, we are coming face to face for the first time in many years with the issue for which there is no clear cut solution: Development versus preservation.
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Despite the pain, our fiscal health has improved

Basically, we’re in a better fiscal position because we have renegotiated our domestic debt, which is about 80% of our total national debt. Our position has “materially” improved.
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Case of the recurring column

Even though there is a hole in the government’s ozone layer policy that you could drive, well, a diesel truck through, it’s never mentioned.

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