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The coming demise of diesel

BRET is my lovely acronym - as I’m sure you will agree after I tell you all about it - for Barbados Renewable Energy Transformation prgramme, not to be confused with the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation programme.

From our archives: For Alexandre Gabriel, rum is an uplifting experience

In an exclusive interview with The Broad Street Journal back in mid-2017, Alexandre Gabriel - a master blender who has put the Maison Ferrand brand of Cognac on the map over the past two decades, and who recently introduced Plantation Rum, said he was very optimistic about the future of the company.
Commentary & Analysis

With ASYCUDA World, Customs is "coming"

I’ve said before in this space that Trisha Tannis, the CEO of Courts operations in Barbados, has been a breath of fresh air (or something like that) since she took up the post of president of the BCCI recently.

Holder: Asycuda World will allow closer monitoring

Now that the basic Asycuda World software has been implemented by the customs department, it will be expanded to automate every other section of customs now covered in the original launch of the system, says Owen Holder, the new Comptroller of Customs.

Sea port to waive charges due to "disruptive" new software, says Tannis

The Barbados Port will be waiving port storage fees on a case-by-case basis going back to Aug 24 where such fees have been occasioned by the Asycuda World software transition, BCCI President Trisha Tannis said on Tuesday.