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The Barbados Economy

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The greatest reality check of all

For those, like me, who were not only relieved but pleasantly surprised that Barbados has been moved up six spots on Standard & Poor’s ratings’ ladder, a quick injection of reality: We have a hard road to travel…

Standard & Poor's raises its long- and short-term foreign currency ratings on Barbados.

On Dec. 11, Barbados exchanged approximately US$531 million in new 2029 bonds and US$32 million in past due interest bonds to holders of its U.S. dollar bonds that had been in default since 2018, resulting in S&P raising the ratings six notches.

King advises Barbados to follow the Jamaica“template"

Despite the pain it felt on having its Barbados government portfolio revised downwards, Scotiabank has encouraged the government to “stay the course.”

Barbados reaches deal on foreign debt with creditors' group

The Government of Barbados and the Barbados External Creditor Committee said on October 18 that they had reached an agreement in principle to exchange some of the Government’s U.S. dollar-denominated debt for new bonds to be issued by Barbados.

Haynes: Barbados meeting fiscal targets but economy still in recession

Despite the gains made from essentially spending less and bringing in more, economic activity remained subdued compared to the first quarter of 2018.