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Few shots fired in energy“revolution"

The question, she was wrestling with, said the prime minister, was whether the new cap would go to 100 megawatts or 200 megawatts. And on top of that, she added, the feed-in-tariff ought to apply not just for plants that are one megawatt and under, but for five megawatts and under, in order, she said, ‚Äúto increase the democratization of the industry.‚ÄĚ

Renewable energy cap will be increased, says Mottley

Prime Minister Mia Mottley says the so-called cap, or maximum, capacity for renewable energy sales to the local power utility will be increased in due course as Barbados moves on with its plan to become less dependent of fossil fuel energy.

FTC won't disclose new FIT rates until Sept. 27

Feed-in-tariffs (FIT) are fixed electricity prices that are paid to renewable energy (RE) producers for each unit of energy produced and injected into the electricity grid.
Commentary & Analysis

Case of the recurring column

Even though there is a hole in the government’s ozone layer policy that you could drive, well, a diesel truck through, it’s never mentioned.

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