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Barbados reaches deal on foreign debt with creditors' group

The Government of Barbados and the Barbados External Creditor Committee said on October 18 that they had reached an agreement in principle to exchange some of the Government’s U.S. dollar-denominated debt for new bonds to be issued by Barbados.

Hewitt: Regulatory goalposts always shifting in international business sector

‍The “goalposts” for the International Business Sector are continually shifting and Barbados must work to stay on top of things, says Kathy-Ann Hewitt, executive director of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados.

Haynes: Don't expect economy to grow this year

In its economic review for the first quarter the Central Bank of Barbados says that faster project implementation is need if the economy is to achieve more growth than that in 2019.

S&P downgrades T&T credit ratings again

According to economic analysts Marla Dukharan, “There is nothing positive whatsoever about this latest downgrade by S&P,” despite recent reports on the country debt position by Moody’s.
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Despite the pain, our fiscal health has improved

Basically, we’re in a better fiscal position because we have renegotiated our domestic debt, which is about 80% of our total national debt. Our position has “materially” improved.
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Mottley still Barbados’ guiding light

We have taken for granted a smiling “Mia” hugging probably every man, woman and child alive in this country to date, giving each that special look of sincerity and encouragement which every one demands of her.

Barbados moved to EU "grey list," after making "commitments"

The Council said “Barbados has made commitments at a high political level...regarding the replacement of its harmful preferential regimes.”

Making good progress, Barbados passes its first IMF test

The IMF staff team thinks the budget for the current fiscal year provides “a strong basis for the targeted fiscal consolidation,”

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